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Things You Must Know about Challenge Coins

There are many types of challenge coins that law enforcement officers have. The monetary coins that are granted by the banks are very different from police challenge coins. Police challenge coins are usually symbols that mean a lot to the one possessing them. The the meaning associated with the different challenge coins are also different. Each law enforcement discipline has a particular and different type of challenge coins made for them. Also, the military has its type of challenge coins. Bronze metal is the material mostly used to make challenge coins. You can also find other challenge coins that have been made out of silver and gold.

Because challenge coins are usually made for different units of the law enforcement services, they need to have unique features that can be used to differentiate them. Find out more now. Therefore, a logo and a motto are usually imprinted on the challenge coins to show the police unit they are used to represent. The military and the law enforcers usually associate these challenge coins with friendship, love, commitment, passion and honour for the service they offer to the country. Junior officers are usually welcomed to a police or military unit with a challenge coin. Some fire department units usually have challenge coins just like the military and the police force. The honour of having a challenge coin should not be underrated.

Passing on of challenge coins from one person to another is the common way of having the coin. Challenge coins collection and preservation is an interesting hobby. However, to ensure these challenge coins do not get lost and are safe you should store them carefully. If you are into the hobby of challenge coins collections, you should consider buying challenge coins display cases. There are several things to look out for before buying police challenge coins. One of the most crucial things to look out for is to ensure the coin is not damaged.

The tradition of having challenge coins has been there since World War 1. View here for more info. However, challenge coins have gained popularity in the recent times. Some private companies and organizations have started using service coins to honour their hardworking employees. To have the challenge coins designed, the companies usually hire a professional designer who specializes in challenge coin making. The companies also give the designer the company’s motto, slogans and logos for the designer to come up with a unique challenge coin. To come up with a beautiful and unique challenge coin that the represents the company the designer engages himself with the design work. Depending on whether their requirements were met or not, the company can approve the design of the challenge coin or not. So that the challenge coins can be distributed to the employees the company then ensures they are made in large quantities. Learn more from

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